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Fridges are an integral part of any modern household, but their work goes unnoticed more often than not. They work tirelessly to keep our food fresh for longer. The technology surrounding the principles of action of these appliances have also evolved to maintain the purchasing cost and make them as energy-efficient as possible. Hisense over the past few years has shot into the limelight by trying to bridge this gap to the customer’s satisfaction.

Type of fridges that Hisense makes

This appliance giant offers a wide range of fridges depending on the capacity, features, and budget constraints. At the moment, Hisense manufactures four types that include; Top mount fridges, Bottom mount fridges, Side-by-side fridges, and French door fridges. Below is a review of some of the items in each category.

Top mount fridge

Basically, any modern family needs a refrigerator but not all fridges serve the needs of a large family. This Hisense HR6TFF600SD 593 Litre breaks the norm on top mount fridges that are known to be small to average. This stainless steel unit from Hisense is made for large Australian families. On opening the lower compartment, which is the fridge, you will be amazed by just how much space is in there. The height-adjustable shelves are spill-proof, meaning you can easily wipe off the spill without causing a mess.

The crisper bins at the Bottom give fruits and vegetables at the Bottom give to maintain the ideal moisture for them to thrive through an adjustable humidity control function. They are also quite clear to see what needs topping up. This unit also comes with a water dispenser that doesn’t require outside plumbing because the fridge houses a water tank within the door.

There is a multi-function touch control panel on the freezer door that offers a wide range of functions like a super cool and super freeze option that offers rapid cooling in the respective compartments. It also has holiday mode, which reduces power when you are not around for an extended amount of time. Finally, it also features an ice dispenser with an easy twist functionality for creating refreshing drinks in the hot summer days in the land down under.

Bottom Mount refrigerator

Engineered with simplicity and packed with innovative features, Bottom mount fridges are an excellent choice for those that are tight on space and want to make the most of what’s left. They are an excellent alternative to the top mount type, and the main difference is the interchanging of the compartments with the freezer being found on the Bottom part. The most notable is the Hisense HR6BMFF453S, which packs plenty of features like a reversible door design, which is different from others in the market. It allows the door to be switched from one side to the other, making it a versatile choice to suit a variety of kitchen configurations.

Built with conservation in mind, it has an energy-efficient rating of 4.5/5 stars benefiting both your wallet and the environment while ensuring that your food stays fresh. It also features an inverter compressor technology that helps to keep the fridge nice and quiet as well as maintain an optimum temperature. The multi airflow cooling system is another handy feature that helps even out the distribution of air, meaning better consistency of heat on each shelf, which results in longer shelf life for your food.

This unit has a clean, modern stainless steel finish with the control panel cleverly hidden inside the fridge for minimal tampering with the temperature settings by other people. Glass shelves are height adjustable, which allows you to put more substantial items. Temperature settings such as the super freeze mode and vacation settings are entirely usable. Super freeze mode cools your things like drinks in a short time while the latter reduces your power bill when you are on holiday, which makes it blend into an Australian household perfectly.

French Door Fridges

Nothing speaks innovation and elegance like a four-door fridge standing in your kitchen. Taking the Hisense HR6CDFF509SW 509 Litre unit as an example, this sophisticated piece is beautifully designed with a stainless steel finish with a sleek minimalistic design. The iconic four-door design reduces cold air loss because if need be, you only need to open one of the four doors to access the fridge and door shelves contents.

The spacious interior provides enough storage for your whole family, and with the multi airflow cooling, even a fully stocked fridge will be cooled adequately. Its breakthrough twin cooling technology cools the refrigerator and freezer separately, which improves the precision of temperature and humidity throughout. With My Fresh Choice feature that is available on the LED control panel on the top half of the fridge, you have the option of freezing your food in three convenient settings.

With the inverter technology that has become an integral part of the company, it continually monitors conditions within the fridge and always maintains the ideal environment for your food without using too much or too little power resulting in the refrigerator that runs quietly. This unit also has height adjustable glass shelves to best suit your needs. Finally, with the Total No Frost technology, there will be no ice build-up on the walls of the fridge and even on your food.

Side-by-side fridges

These fridges are the ultimate culmination of large family refrigeration, and they do it in an almost perfect way. The unit in focus is the Hisense RS723N4W unit that stands out in any kitchen. It features an LED touch display that is conveniently placed on the outside, which adds to the stylish demeanor. It also features a non-plumbed water dispenser that easily fits glasses and bottles of different shapes and sizes.

On opening, the textured large handles have a different finish from the fridge, which offers the right amount of grip. The LED lights make the inside look just as good as the inside. The shelves come arranged in a way that causes a clean mirror effect where almost all the things found on the left side are located on the right. The height-adjustable shelves can accommodate nearly all of your items.

It also features many other functions found on the company’s portfolio like the super freeze super cool functionality, Total no frost, and a holiday mode.


Hisense fridges might not be very popular when an energy-efficient rating is concerned, but for sure makes it up in terms of overall great design, many great features, and a cost-effective price, which is ideal for many Australian families.

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