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If you’re planning to Caravan around Australia or go out for camping you will probably need a portable fridge with a greater capacity. A good portable fridge should be one that fits well in your vehicle, runs on little electricity, able to maintain the right needed temperature and must be affordable. One of the commonly used portable fridge in Australia is Adventure Kings 70L camping freezer/fridge. This fridge is unique since it comes in as a dual, fridge and freezer. It can therefore be used as a freezer when you want to have those cold drinks at home or can be used as a fridge during those camping trips

Adventure Kings uses Secop BD-50 compressor that can run on 240V, 24V and 12V. The fridge comes with a separate wireless thermometer that helps monitor and adjust the temperatures of the fridge without necessarily having to stop-over. It’s also made of two compartments where one serves as a fridge and the other as a freezer, you can therefore store foods and drinks respectively. The fridge is also capable of cooling down to -18 degrees Celsius with twin interior lights that make it possible to use it even in the dark or at night


The Adventure Kings 70L Camping Fridge/Freezer has rather a good rating on the 4wdsupacentre online shopping site. It has a 4.6 out of 5 rating with over 150 purchases through the online selling site. Many reviewers claim that the fridge works well. This is because it has a Secop Compressor (Danfoss) which is powerful, reliable and quiet. The fridge doesn’t make noise and you are able to travel without having to bear with the noise. The fridge also has separate temperature adjustment knobs, most customers feel that each compartment’s function is fully optimized. The fridge is also affordable, and many reviewers felt that they got value for their money. It also has Adjustable Power Cutoff, that help reduce power consumption of the fridge making it more friendly for out-door events. It’s from these features that most buyers rate it as a fantastic product, good product and easy to use. Others have even explained that it works beyond their expectations compared to its price. However not all buyers were pleased by the product since, unlike other portable fridges it lacks latest technology like WIFI, others felt that the front power outlet was not strategically placed since it calls for one to use more energy mounting it.

The Kings Fridge also comes with a wireless thermometer that gives the users complete control of the fridge all through their camping and canvassing experience. This thermometer helps you monitor the temperatures of the fridge without having you necessarily going to physically check it. This has been the game changer for the fridge since most buyers buy it due to it having the portable thermometer. Most reviews have come from this as most customers fill satisfied with the thermometer that can offer readings of high and low temperatures over 24 hours. The thermometer is also easy to use and comes with a manual and most customers fill satisfied that they can easily be able to understand and use it. However, some customers feel dissatisfied by it since they claim the temperatures are not accurate or remain unmoved when you travel to certain areas. Some also complained of battery failure where they had to stop relying on the thermometer and were forced to literally stop over to confirm the temperatures of the fridge. Others also recommended if the sensor and the battery would have been made waterproof so that it doesn’t subject the thermometer to malfunctioning due to water and moisture.

The other feature that have been reviewed revolves around the structure and body of the Fridge. The fridge’s internal is made of copper lines that help in in transmission of heat and a stainless-steel evaporator that is very efficient. It also has separate compartments that have cleverly been fitted with twin-lids that help one to independently access the freezer or fridge. The fridge also features a tough polycarbonate body making it durable and well fitting for out-door activities. It is well fitted with stainless steel handles that have strategically been made flexible where they can lay flat when not in use and can be expanded when in use, this also helps in saving space. These are the features that make this fridge rated for having a nice body. Most buyers prefer it for out-doors since it can withstand bangs and knocks while being moved. It has also received bad reviews for lacking a mounting point making it subject to tipping over in sharp corners while travelling. Some buyers end up spending more to buy a mounting kit to help make it remain stable while in motion. Others have also shown a dislike for the body of the fridge claiming that it should have a body that closely matches with those of its competitors. Initially, customers also complained of the one-year warranty but has since been resolved and is offering a two-year warranty.


With a 4.6 out of 5 rating, Adventure Kings Fridge is a good product that has been accepted in the market. Over 140 buyers out of 156 have given it 4 and 5 stars with only 11 buyers giving it a 3 and 1 star respectively. Some low rate reviews seemed rather genuine like lack of modern technology like WIFI. Being an out-door fridge, it would really help the users have a great experience having internet all through the journey and camping. This would also help position the product better in the market. Customers also need to carefully read the manual before posting reviews since some of the poor reviews have been listed for not carefully following the guidelines in the manual. Other low rate reviews have been brought about by the online shopping site delaying customer deliveries, this should be reviewed by the Kings Fridge management team to improve on the delivery period of the orders and improve on its ratings.

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